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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Intel’s Atom to make computers smaller, cheaper

Soon, children, housewives, elderly persons in India will find access to cute, small, low-power, low-cost and WiFi-enabled ‘netbooks’ and ‘nettops’, the smaller versions of notebooks and personal computers respectively from leading manufacturers such as HCL, Asus among others, thanks to the Intel's ‘Atom' range of processors built on world's smallest transistors designed for net internet devices and low-cost PCs. Intel will be launching ‘Atom' range of processors globally on Tuesday.

Atom is going to create a new segment in ‘nettops’ and ‘netbooks’ in India, which are comparatively cost effective, lower power consumption while enables children, housewives, elderly persons among others easily access to these devices."

This low-power companionchip with integrated graphics, a wireless radio and thinner and lighter designs are designed to enable best mobile computing and internet experience of MIDs. Intel believes with the launch of Atom range of processors, the demand for ‘nettops’ and ‘netbooks’ will grow substantially over the years. The new chips are manufactured using Intel's industry-leading 45 nm process with Hi-K metal gate technology. The chips have a therma design power specification in watt range and scale to 1.8 GHz speeds, depending on customer need.

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