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Friday, September 14, 2007

My Mother

~ Contributed by Suvamita Chatterjee (Ex-junctionite) ~

With all her affection here stands my mother...
stretching her arms to greet me at my success,
her silver hair shines on her shoulder...
As she stands with all her grace.

I have come a long way through my life...
where I am contented and glad-
but will never be as noble as her
Can never return her golden lap.

She is the greatest achiever I believe
Though her deeds are not measured
It is only through *my* deed...
The knowledge that she has shared.

Her shelter would always be there
whatever I would do ..
her arms would always be stretched
whenever I am blue.

Now that she is old and
waits for her days to end...
I compare the blessings she has showered
with the pain that I have repayed !

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