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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


On September 1st and 2nd, it was an opportunity for Team building and bonding with colleagues outside office for the coaljunction team and selected members of the technology team along with their respective spouses. The lucky junctionites enjoyed a weekend at the Sana Beach Resort at Mandarmani.

Mandarmani is a picturesque beach resort in South Midnapur district, one of the southern districts of West Bengal. It is almost 180km from Kolkata. There was abundance of fun in the air as the junctionites indulged in a game of Beach Volleyball and swimming. They also hit the floor to funky music in the evening and enjoyed scrumptious North Indian and Chinese cuisines. It was a two-day program full of fun, frolic and togetherness.

Here are few of the exciting times caught on camera...

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Senthil said...

The journey to reach the resort was the most adventurous part. The journey to reach the resort was in three parts, by bus from Tata centre , by walk in middle of no where as our bus stopped enroute(thanks to roadblock by some friendly political parties)and by bike(for about 7 kms on the beach). True team spirit was evident from the team when faced with above adversity,as each one shared and cared for the other. Instead of cribbing everyone was able to see funny side of life.

3 Cheers to the team spirit.