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Friday, January 13, 2012

‘TOC For Ever Flourishing Company’

In 2011, mjunction engaged Goldratt Consulting (GC) for implementation of the Theory of Constraints (TOC), the management philosophy which is unique for its focus on achieving “Viable Vision”- reaching results that were earlier considered to be unrealistic, without compromising on the company’s stability. It is based on a simple assumption that any system, no matter how complex it seems, is governed by just a few elements. Identifying the system’s constraint and managing them accordingly produces fast paced results and fosters harmony throughout the system.

After initial rounds of implementation it is evident that TOC provides mjunction an aid in sustaining its incredible growth. It also provides a Decisive Competitive Edge to mj’s various business units and is set to yield significant and sustainable dividends in 2012 and beyond.

At this opportune time when organizations are gearing themselves for the next financial year, mjunction is happy to recommend Goldratt Consulting’s (GC) 4 day workshop  ‘TOC For Ever Flourishing Company’ for senior management personnel of your organisation. The ‘TOC’ (Theory of Constraints) solutions and ‘S & T’ tree (Strategy and Tactic tree) can guide your personnel to steer your organisation on the ‘Ever Flourishing’ path.

The workshop will be organised from 13-16 February 2012 at the Tata Management Training Centre, Pune. It would be conducted and delivered by Dr. Lisa Scheinkopf. Lisa Scheinkopf is Director – Consulting, GC and is recognized worldwide as a leading authority on Theory of Constraints (TOC).

Mr. Rami Goldratt (CEO, Goldratt Consulting and son of Late Dr.Eli Goldratt) would address a Webinar on the content of this workshop. This Webinar is planned at 3 pm (IST) on 18th Jan’12. During the course of this 60 minutes Webinar, Rami Goldratt, would present a preview for the 4 day "TOC for Ever Flourishing Companies" program. Mr. Goldratt will highlight some of the key aspects, taught during the program, that are necessary for a company to achieve continuous growth while strengthening its stability.

From our side, Nishant Deepak is coordinating the event and can be reached at +91 91633 48198 for any assistance in this regard. Please confirm your participation in this Webinar by return e-mail to nishant.deepak@mjunction.in to enable us to send the requisite details for joining the same.

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