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Monday, January 5, 2009

MD's inaugural address at Halfyearly Conference FY'09


I am sure all of you would agree that our Halfyearly Conference FY'09 (held at Tolly Club, Kolkata on January 01-02, 2009) was a huge success considering some excellent presentations were made and a number of issues were debated upon and solutions identified.

But above all, what came out very clearly was how the closely knit and ever growing family of junctionites came together under one roof and took upon themselves to overcome the challenges that lies ahead...the team spirit and togetherness that was seen, is what has been and is the strength of the company and that is exactly what will help us excel in the days to come...

I enclose below a video link - of our MD addressing - junctionites on day one of our conference which gives directions and guidance to each one of us to face the future with determination and confidence.

Proud to be a Junctionite!

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