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Thursday, December 18, 2008

R&R December 2008


Nominees for Recognition and Reward for displaying high degree of
Customer (/Bidder) care or Innovation or Extraordinary work

1. Nomination Category: Customer Care

Nominee: Subasis Dey, Moshahar Bayen & Surya Bhusan

This cross-functional team had put in considerable efforts for the successful demonstration of Coal India NIT's various Technical parameters like technical enhancement of server room, site map on website, auto-bidding with yankee auction, digital signature security, Disaster Recovery Site in New Delhi and the new failover enabled HADR architecture of coaljunction.

2. Nomination Category: Customer Care

Nominee: Abhijit Das, Arup Sarkar, Keshab Kumar Singh, Payel Chatterjee,
Anamika Datta

This team has successfully persuaded ASP officials to auction outbound transportation which failed earlier & by pro-active market making four new ISO certified vendors participated. As a result SAIL ASP achieved very competitive rates for all the 24 destinations covering almost 80% of their total outbound tonnage. Apart from achieving 14.7% savings from last auction price, this helped SAIL ASP to develop a new ISO certified vendor base for such items.

3. Nomination Category: Customer Care

Nominee: Prashant Jha, Priyanka Sen, Kamlesh Ghode

Bhilai Steel Plant, which was till now consuming Mill scale internally, began to have some quantity available for sale (~150 T/month) due to reduction in internal consumption & they planned to offer this to establish thermal parties on rate contract basis. This team convinced BSP to offer this through auction mode & successfully sold 300 Mt of 450 Mt offered at a TV of Rs 19 lacs. The client has appreciated this effort made by mjunction.

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