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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kite Flying Party

Contributed by Kaushik Kumar Mitra

As you might be aware that 17th of September every year is celebrated as Vishwakarma Puja & on that day Lord Vishwakarma "the divine engineer” is worshipped . This Puja takes place in every Engg workshops, Factories, Garages, Bus terminus etc & people celebrate this Puja by a unique way - by FLYING KITE .

Like every year, this year also Kite Flying ceremony was held at the terrace of our building. It was a cloudy day but that didn’t dampen our spirits nor lowered our enthusiasm - all my three cousins teamed up and the moment the skies started to clear up we started flying our kites.

Later in the day Junctionite Subhankar Gupta joined in and by that time the skies were clear & we started flying kites with tremendous enthusiasm!

We had purchased 6 dozens of kites of different colors & sizes & large quantity of thread to fly the kites from Santosh Mitra Square at Sealdah which is the most popular desitation for kite enthusiasts.

The entire day was fun filled & will be remembered by all of us.

Our Score was :
Our own kites which got cut = 60
Others kites that we had cut = 103

In the coming year , I plan to invite some more junctionities who are enthusiastic about kite flying & also plan to take part in "Times of India Kite Festival."

A few photographs follows...


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