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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hindi coal & steel insights launched

Kolkata, June 25, 2008: At a press conference held today at TATA Centre, Mr. P.S. Bhattacharya, Chairman, Coal India Limited unveiled the company’s premium industry magazines namely, ‘Steel Insights’ and ‘Coal Insights’ in Hindi language in the presence of Mr. Viresh Oberoi, Managing Director, mjunction services limited. The launch was followed by unveiling of the company’s corporate portal (www.mjunction.in) in Hindi language.

The company's decision to launch the Hindi version of the magazines and the corporate portal was based on feedback it had been getting from its pan-India customer and subscribers base to incorporate a regional preference. While the primary aim of the regional versions of the magazines will be to reach out and engage to a larger segment of target audience who adhere to the coal and the steel industry within the Hindi speaking community in northern India and parts of western and eastern India, the launch of the corporate portal in Hindi will endeavour to position the portal from a mere transactional to a high–end information exchange platform.

Unveiling the Hindi edition of the magazines and the corporate portal, Mr. P.S. Bhattacharya, Chairman, Coal India Limited, said “Such initiative from mjunction will not only benefit the huge base of the buyers and sellers from the steel and coal industry but also act as a knowledge sharing platform between the stakeholders and contribute to the overall development of the coal and steel sector. It also creates a sense of responsibility in terms of efficiency and transparency from mjunction to all its users and ushers confidence in them for the eCommerce sector in India.”

Addressing the conference, Mr. Viresh Oberoi, Managing Director, mjunction services limited, commented “The launch of these magazines in regional languages only strengthens our commitment of adding more value to our services. We are optimistic that such initiative will provide us with an opportunity to provide our share of knowledge about the industry back into the system and thereby enlarging the community that mjunction serves. High-end specialty reports catering to the steel and coal industry are also in the pipeline. This apart we have also planned several conferences from varied industry verticals like steel, coal, shipping, logistics and many more”.

The Hindi language edition of the magazines will be an exact replica of its current English versions and will start with a print run of 1000 copies to start with and the company has a target of increasing the figure to 5000 subscribers by 2008 end. mjunctionedge also has firm plans to launch its ‘Insights” magazines in other regional languages like Bengali, Gujarati etc in the future.

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