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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Recognition and Reward ~ March '08

1. Nomination Category: Extraordinary work.
Nominee: Sohini Chakraborty, Prateek Bose and Bhanu Prakash

The above team has checked all the 10,000 SOIs to ensure that they are signed & with correct PAN No. Besides that, the documents have been serialized, digitized & hard copy archived. The whole task was completed on a project basis.

2. Nomination Category: Customer satisfaction
Nominee: Jeshu Bose and Anusmita Karmakar

The above 2 executives have successfully identified, registered & trained for completing the first ever online auction of classic Vintage Cars in India. The auction achieved a 100% Conversion Factor, 78% Price Optimisation Factor and a TV of Rs 44 lacs against these 7 cars put up for auction.

3. Nomination Category: Extraordinary work
Nominee: Vijay Malpani

He went beyond his normal day-to-day work and signed up a new Client, Eicher Motors Finance Ltd for selling their repossessed & other vehicles through our platform. The annual TV opportunity with this client is Rs 10 - 12 Crores.. This will greatly enrich the bidder database especially for the Commercial Vehicles auctions with our other Clients as well.

4. Nomination Category: Customer satisfaction
Nominee: Samya Mukherjee, Bhaskar Sahu and Atin Banerjee

This team has made special effort to execute Pilot RFQ through EPS at SAIL RMD mines which have no MM system and IT infrastructure. This team visited the site and hand held the purchase team there to run the pilot.. This resulted into a successful RFQ cycle with reduced cycle time of 14 days against the usual 35-40 days

5. Nomination Category: Customer Satisfaction
Nominee: Amit Das, Snehasis Banerjee, Biren Mistry, Harjindar Singh, Niraj
Sinha, S
Raghavendra, Sanjay Singh, Lopamudra Bandopadhyay,
Anamika Basu and Dipannita

This team has successfully conducted auction of old and off grade alloy steel offered by ASP. This team contacted about 100 end users & 24 of them participated. About 148 lots were cleared over 2 days, sale value of which is Rs.3.48 Cr.

6. Nomination Category: Customer Satisfaction
Nominee: Somraj Dasgupta, Sandeep Banerjee and Sudhaker Sharma

The team has successfully achieved the on time and extremely steep price target for purchase of Chemicals Jindal Steel & Power Limited. Upon receipt of the mandate very prompt market survey was done & total price benefit of Rs. 20.17 Lakh was achieved.

7. Nomination Category: Customer Satisfaction
Nominee: Suman Mallik, Somraj Dasgupta, Naaz Ansari and Payel Chatterjee

GS Purchase Division of ISP was having problem in procuring No-Bake Compound at right price due to limited supplier base & less competition. The following team had risen up to the occasion by making the event a highly successful one for the client. The Client has achieved a tangible savings to the tune of Rs 47 lacs

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