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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time to say hi to TATA's dream car

TATA Motors will unveil its much awaited Rs 1 lakh car at Auto Expo being held at New Delhi today.

The launch of the TATA Motors people car is said to be the biggest event of the Auto Expo 2008. The whole automobile industry is eagerly awaiting the launch of this car, which is a dream of Group Chairman, Mr Ratan Tata. More than cars, two wheeler manufacturers may be affected by the TATA car, which will occupy the price point between two-wheelers and the Maruti-800, which is the entry level car today.

Below is an imaginary photograph of the Rs 1 lakh car that has been doing the rounds for quite sometime now as part of an eMail forward and can also be found freely on the Net. The actual car, however, will be unveiled today at Auto Expo in a few hours from now.

We are all waiting with baited breaths for this historic moment, are n't we?

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