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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Outbound Training Programme, Bhubaneshawar

Contributed by Prabhu Shiv Singh

A team of 17 of us were nominated and sent for an outbound training programme to Pegasus Institute of Excellence, located at Chandoka (between Bubaneswar and Cuttack).

Situated near a forest reserve, the location was a clean picturesque getaway.It was a spacious army-style setup of around 50 acres. We were put up in warm tents and were served clean, quality food in the central mess. All our needs were taken care of by the excellent administrative setup. Throughout the programme, we were guided and mentored by Col. Nagarajan and Col. Sikdar, who have had great careers with the Indian Army.

All our meetings and learning sessions took place in the “gazibo”.The “activities” tested our physical and mental abilities to a good measure. Right from passing through the “web” to constructing the “pattern”, we were on our toes...building teams, figuring solutions, co-ordinating roles and executing plans .Not to forget the principles of discipline, ethics and punctuality which were reinforced in us as a means to getting quality output. Through these series of activities we understood the fundamentals of an organization, team and role.” Getting the basics right and tight” summed up the programme, and we definitely learnt these basics the hard - but fun way:

● Team Building
● Leadership
● Problem Solving
● Strategy & Planning
● Resource Optimization
● Innovation
● Time Management
● Role Allocation
● Communication
● Stress management
● Execution
● Discipline
● Ethics
● Team Spirit
● Importance of Nature
● Physical fitness
● Fun

All in all it was a totally different programme and we definitely came back refreshed and enlightened. We thank our training head in mjunction for selecting a great programme. We again thank Col. Nagarajan and Col. Sikdar of Pegasus for making us better professionals with their guidance and valuable experience.


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