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Thursday, December 27, 2007

How about wearing a computer?

It might be not long before you start wearing a computer just as you put on your shoes, watch and jacket. "As general computing systems become smaller, we are reaching a point at which it becomes conceivable to don these devices easily," Andy Fagg of the computer science faculty at the University of Massachusetts has been quoted by online ScienceDaily as saying. Fagg, who is developing a wearable computer, said such a device offers access to information and communication resources at any time. "It isn't about being able to write a paper or send an eMail while you are at a grocery store. It's about having digital assistance as you go about your life," he added.

Fagg's aim is to teach the computer to "notice" a user's routines and offer information accordingly. For instance, if the computer notices that he enters a conference room at a particular time, "it should figure out he is going to a meeting and pull out appropriate documents, including minutes of the last meeting, and notes from related discussions."

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