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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Junctionites rock at Salsa - Black'O'White Nite

Salsa@Black'O'White Nite was organized by our FunTeam on Saturday, September 29th, 2007 at Beach Tropicana (Wet'O'Wild, Nicco Park), where all the junctionites were invited along with their spouses.

This party was different from all the previous parties at mjunction because this time FunTeam invited 2 famous Salsa dancers, Shaneel and Aditya, to give a big surprise to all. Their performance was exotic and unforgettable. Everyone danced along with them to their rhythmic beats. They for some time in that evening became the dance instructors for the house and all the feet tapped as they kept instructing.

It was a real fun and joyous time for the junctionites. The entire park was lighted up with different types of colored lights. Snacks and drinks were served in the open air. The DJ played till the party ended late in the night after the gala dinner. Prizes were given to the best dressed couple, female and male of the evening.

Dinner was sumptuous with 4-5 types of Salads and the famous Mongolian and Indian counter, arranged by Chicky's. It was a long awaited party and the entire family of mjunction had a nice and grand time.

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