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Friday, September 28, 2007

Trip to Gadiara

~ Contributed by Arindom Chakraborty ~

September 23, 2007 was a day to be remembered. It was a lazy & rainy Sunday morning worthy of spending as much time as possible in bed. However, we, couple of adventure & nature loving junctionites, decided to spend the day in a different way. We decided to drive our way to Gadiara.

Gadiara, situated at confluence of Ganga, Damodar & Rupnarayan, is approximately 100 km from Kolkata. We decided to travel by car & started at 10:30 am in the morning. The team was Indranil, Syamantak, Chiranjib along with their family & myself. We drove down Kona expressway to NH4 & took a left turn at Bagnan. The greenery along the way was soothing to the eyes & quite a welcome change from the concrete jungle of the city. It was raining all the way & it must have tested the driving skills of Indranil & Symantak. Of course, they passed with flying colours. We reached our destination at 1:00 pm.

Immediately after reaching there, we thought that we had landed at a wrong place. The sight of sea, which we didn’t expect made us worried. We realized that the river is so wide that it appears like a sea. The sight made us jump out of the car & it was absolutely breath taking. The vast expanse of the river, breeze from the river, the fishing boats and the sight of locals wading through waist-deep water to net baby-shrimps made us forget city life. We decided to walk along the bank of the river & it was very special, indeed. All those poems & writings about nature’s own beauty which we used to read in our school days were live in front of us.

Suddenly we realized that we have already walked for 2 hours & our appetite was at its best. That drove us to the Rupnarayan tourist lodge where we made prior bookings. The lunch was grand, especially with freshly cooked Ilish (Hilsa) & country chicken. After finishing lunch we decided to go for a fresh round of visit of the river, but this time riding on local van rickshaws.

The sun was setting quickly & we decided to leave for Kolkata. The return journey was in the darkness of the evening leaving behind all the memory of greenery, the river, the wind and last but not the least the food. The overall experience was invigorating & a break from normal routine life.

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