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Friday, August 17, 2007

Our TBEM journey just got better...

We have made significant progress in our TBEM journey. This year we have scored 379.75 which is 103.75 more than our last year's score. From 251-350 band, we have now graduated to the next band of 350-450. The current band signifies that we have effective, systematic approaches responsive to the basic requirements of most of the items of TBEM. But deployment in some key business units is still too early to demonstrate results. 

Though this is a significant achievement and we should rightly be proud of it, however we cannot afford to rest on our laurels but continuously strive to take up newer challenges. We should now work on our strengths to make those even stronger and focus on our weaknesses to improve upon them. As it is evident from the score that our approach is well defined and now it is time to deploy these uniformly across organization and measure the effectiveness of the approaches and review the processes to make it more robust.

We should not only strive to imbibe QMS in all our business processes, but we should measure all the relevant process measures and review them regularly to make the processes better. We should start capturing results of all the KPIs (and source benchmark data) regularly and report them on monthly/ quarterly basis which will ensure deployment of more effective systems and processes throught the organisation.

Our target for next year is to reach the score band of 451-550.

Lets all work together and break another barrier.

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